Forget the EPPP! – Our simple guide to help the England team

After England’s dismal performance against Chilli recently, we thought it would be a great time to publish our simple blueprint for success as it is clear that no one at the FA has the answer. Take a look at how Chilli play, take a look at how Spain play, take a look at how Germany […] Read more »

Football Academy Contracts – The YD Forms

Signing for a football Academy can be a life changing move for both players and parents and should not be taken lightly. During the time that I have been involved in the Academy system, one thing that stands out above all else is the lack of information and advice, particularly when it comes to signing […] Read more »

How to get a trial at a football Academy

football academy trials

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of comments from parents that have sons training in the Academy system but haven’t yet been signed. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding the whole process of training with a club and then going on to sign a contract. So I thought I’d set out the […] Read more »

Sir Alex Ferguson finally retires as Manchester United Manager

Sir Alex Ferguson retires from Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson is finally retiring from the post of Manchester United Manager at the end of this season. Speculation over his retirement plans in the Telegraph yesterday has now been confirmed by official sources at Manchester United. Announcing his decision to retire as Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson said: “The decision to retire […] Read more »

Football Academy Assessments – It’s that time of year again!

Does your academy have a Grim Reaper?

Well, another season is about to end and the twice yearly player assessments are now upon us. Most clubs will have already done their final assessments resulting in most players finally discovering their fate. After all those training sessions, matches, and journeys up and down the motorway, its decision time for all the players across […] Read more »

Football League Youth Development Rules 2013

football league youth development

Have you been wondering what the rules actually mean regarding the new Elite Player Performance Plan? We’ve obtained a copy of the latest Football League Development rules that govern football academies from 2013. You can download a copy here. The document is over 300 pages long and covers everything from leadership and management of an […] Read more »

Has your academy ruined your son’s confidence?

Like most sports, football is all about confidence. Whether you are a defender going up for that header or a striker who has just found himself in a one on one situation with the keeper. We see it every weekend on Sky Sports. Players high in confidence seem to always do the right thing. Conversely, […] Read more »

Has the EPPP improved your academy in 2013?

The Elite Player Performance plan is now in full swing and most clubs have decided which category they would like to be in and many have now had their audits c9onfirmingwhich category they are going to be awarded. As the EPPP is all about player development, we would like to know what you think of […] Read more »

What’s changed at your academy?

It’s been several months since the Football League introduced the new Elite Player Performance Plan across all the football academies and centres of excellence in England. Clubs have now been given their categories under the new rules that are supposed to herald a new culture within our academy system that will eventually produce the England […] Read more »

New football academy season in full swing!

Well here we go again, the start of a new football academy season! New rules, new categories, new training kits to fork out for (unless your son is in one of the Cat 1 clubs of course), new tyres on the car for all those long journeys, a new job to pay for all the […] Read more »